If You Want Something Done…

Last weekend I figured I would design and code a website that was originally created by someone else in 2011 and went belly up sometime shortly after.

In 2011, a local bike race, the Gippsland 3 Day Tour wound up with its own URL and a fairly good looking, if limited functionality website.  In 2012 it had gone the way of the Dodo and the site that was in use to take registrations was not much chop.  Given my recent webdesigning, I was tinkering on Friday night and by Midnight, the 2013 site was up and running.

The site is meant to be a companion to the 2013 program guide I plan on developing.  Each year a simple word document is distributed to riders.  For the last two years, I created an Indesign version as I’d started studying graphic design and figured a race program for the 3 Day Tour which which contained design elements year after year would be an interesting project.

Colours and imagry on the site are taken from what I have already preemtively placed into the booklet.  You can see what the sote looks like below.  The base art was developed in Illustrator and sliced up.  The formatting is primarily done using CSS.

2013 3 Day Tour Website
2013 3 Day Tour Website

To get an idea of what this year’s brochure will look like, have a look at the 2012 brochure and the 2012 brochure and the 2011 brochure.