In 2013 as part of my dedication to my cycling club and my passion for this sport, I was involved in producing the event signage for this prestigious race as well as designing and developing a website at a dedicated URL. My involvement in 2014 grew to include the Competitor’s Guide, a couple of event flyers as well as the management of social media feeds on both Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #2014MBBARC.

For 2014, I redrew the Warragul Linen Service and G.T. & J.A. Jones Engineering logos as vectors as they were provided as jpegs. The Jones logo was quick and nasty but met with client approval. The Linen Services logo was even quicker but due to the provided jpg being large, it was far simpler to recreate as a vector. The Oliver’s Real Food logo provided was modified at the sponsor’s request to include a solid green background.

The jersey artwork was also updated based on the design of previous years. Colours were aligned with the major sponsor’s logo. These designs needed to be produced within 48hours due to the time between securing event sponsors and the clothing manufacturer’s production cutoff being very close.

2015 saw me take on this project again. The process was expedited thanks to the templates setup in previous years. The competitor guide-book was created pro actively and distributed online shortly after the official start list was available.

In 2014, once the design file was handed off, the printer played with it as the fade on the dots is lacking in the overhead banner and it is applied abruptly on the vertical banners. This made it difficult to read the names of several sponsors. Things printed as planned in 2015 and 2016.