Garden Variety Predator

While checking out Twitter today, a local design studio posted a link to a series on pics using grainy black and white and a Batman figurine.  Here is the link.  I love the “Non stop ladies”, washing machine scene, “Kung Fu” and the truck ones especially and was inspired to do something similar with some figurines of mine and the backyard.

I give you the “Garden Variety Predator”.

Die Cut of the Week

It’s been a long time coming, but I came across a die cut I thought was interesting.  The dieline was in the shape of a pig and the packaging was for pork.  The colours also mirrored the colour of piggies.

Considering most of the Woolies packaging I see tends to look like their competitor’s packaging, it is nice to see something new coming from them.

Besides that, they were actually quite tasty. Ever since snags went gluten free and fat reduced, I’ve found this sort of food to be tasteless and boring, despite added seasoning.

Piggy Snags

Piggy Snags


Die Cut of the Week

Another diecut I thought was fairly good.  This one encloses a track chain ring.  With crankarms, there are a few different spacings.  Buy the wrong chain ring and you cannot attach it to the spider.

This diecut has a measurement chart on the back to resolve that issue.  Besdies that, I like the colours and cutouts in this.

I’ve not opend this one up as the main gist was the artwork on the back, not the actual die on this one.

Die Cut of the Week

I bought some cycling socks recently and kept the packaging as I liked the die cut.

The board is cut in such a way that it holds the sock and displays them nicely.  The tab you can see towards the bottom of the diecut (3rd image) allows for the sock to be hung through the cut out while simutanteously holding the tab onto the main section of board, as seen in the action shot.

I think I’ll do more posts like these.