Delayed activities

Ever since I first bought a computer and a scanner, I’d been planning to improve on my sketches from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The scans have been on disc ever since the 90’s, but I’ve only recently “got around” to fixing up the line art and getting started on some colourising.

The pen tablet I bought a few years ago helped with the line art tracing.  As I had some quite “unproductive” time today, I got stuck into adding colours to some of my sketches.

I figure this is a good way to practice adding colour to line art and I may look into some different styles of colouring, or even convert the line art into different styles for the same picture.

Book covers

I seem to have spent more time procrastinating than doing. My original plan was to create a dust cover for Anno Dracula but putting an old scalpel on the cover. I changed my mind when I came across a similar design during my research.

My second idea was to have Charles Beauregard and Geneviève on the front cover. I ditched that for the male only, modified into a vampire. This is a subdued drawing that at present is s bit muddy. I want to sharpen it up and need to do that tonight so I can visit the printers.

There is a second task required if me: an internal black and white book illustration. This one I am trying to recreate a scene from the book where the Ripper scrawls a message on a brick wall. I’ve done the drawing, but the text needs to look brighter and I’d like. To reverse vignette this, though my attempts at that have been so far disastrous. At this rate, I’ll be ditching my photoshopped version and whipping something up in a sketch pad tonight before scanning it in. At least I can print they off on my home printer.
The cover extends wider than A3, so that’s a pain.

Illustration for Design (Black & White) comes to a close

As promised, here are the final four pieces for my current drawing subject.

I would have thought that things would get busier in our “second year”, but besides the deciding what to draw stage which took ages, the actual physical drawing stage took about 3.5-4 hours for the lady and her dog and the cartoon renders took about 60-90 mins each.  This is for a subject where we are supposed to do 6 hours a week and it’s been going for about 5.  Either that means I am good at what I do or the work is supposed to be far far better than that which I have produced. Option A I hope!

See the images (5). ..