It is done!

Okay, after three weeks of stuffing around, I’ve resintalled my server and got it up and running again.  I’m holiding off on getting a DNS server configured as I can access this site’s test site both remotely and locally. The fun bit will proabably be uploading thuis site and keeping it synced.

This lets me get back to my course work.  It’s less than two weeks before the current topic’s due date and I really must get cracking!


It has now been a week since I installed a Linux derivative on my server.  It has been a week of trying to get a DNS server running so I can have locally configured and accessable URLs.  So far the best I have got is the default server to show up. Still no idea how to get virtual hosts running.  this is despite following about 4 or 5 different tutes.  If I ever get it running I’ll whack up the settings that worked here so someone else does not have to spend over a week trying to get the damn thing running.

One would think installing Apache would be enough, but I have to stuff around with something called BIND as well and probably PHP.

Once this is all good, then I have to relocate my SQL datbase, as the default location is on the main HDD, which is puny. So far, relocating the db from the var/mysql dir has killed the sal server.  Go figure as I’d not have thought the server running was depeendant on the presence of databases!

Back to the late nights

Three day weekend thanks to a public holiday on Monday. Thanks to tinkering with WordPress and also trying to get a linux server running, many late nights and lots of neglecting of my study.

I seem to have the static pages pretty much down pat.  The blog page is nearly there, but I want a featured posts section at the top.  My current coding screws the page formatting.  It also looks like I need to modify the ciding for the base archive page and category pages.  Hmmm.