“Discount” Rates

This month I appear to have been working on the cheap.  Towards the start of the month, I conducted bicycle maintenance work for a friend of my house mate.  This involved changing overa cluster and chain, checking the gearing and fitting new handle bar tape. For this I charged 6 blocks of 220g Cadbury chocolate. 3x dream, 3x peppermint.

A couple of weeks ago, I designed an event flyer for $15 – the cost of race entry to the event.  I did that as I was feeling generous on the day of the request and had nothing better to do. The task was also good to learn a few more Illustrator techniques.

Towards the end of last month, I was approached by my cycling club to design a flyer for a safety initiative the began.  For this one, I gave the option of a no frills flyer for $250, or one where they get 3 versions and get to choose the winner for development for ~$600.  They went with the no frills version, and I got the signed contract and paper work back at the start of the week so worked on that one evening.  I’m not happy with a couple of design aspects of this one, so it’s into a drawer until the weekend when I can look at it with new eyes.

Last week I was contacted by an ex regarding designing some wedding wrapping to specification.  I did that over the course of two nights and learned how to use Illustrator to produce the style of graphics I wanted to use when I designed my World Track Championships poster last year.  This work borrowed heavily from the supplied artwork’s background, but they appear not to be unique so no copyright issues there (and if there are, Mr. Original Designer, let me know).  For the wrap, I asked for some chockies (either the aforementioned 22g blocks or a toblerone or two).

Today I was asked if a student working in a lab where they wear a t-shirt design of mine could have a digital file of the design for a promo.  For that, I have asked for payment in the form of a plug for the designer (me) and some chockies.  2018 update.  Nothing came of this of course.  That is why $$ rule.


One would think being single equals more time to post!

Ok, I’ve been on the market for about a month and seem to be busy (not that I am doing anything besides catching up on recorded TV and surfing the net). I’ve not even got back into WOW.

Anyhow, my brochure redesign goes ok. I have bought some double sided A3 glossy paper and will soon get a eleongated adjustable stapler so I can centre staple my booklet. My logo design has gotten as far as as mood board and lots of sketches but nothing solis for the orbital tether cargo launch company.

In good news, I got my typography course work back today.  I have regained my regular status by getting everything marked as excellent. Yar hoo.

Photoshop and Typography

This week I finsihed my photoshop montage.  See  behind the cut. It was also submission week for our typography module.  We had a test that took 15 minutes, thought the cheese or font section (put in for a joke) was stressfull as I none of us knew this until the test had finished.

It’s late so here’s the pics and I’m off to bed.

Chain typeset

Self Promo



Getting a little slack with posts. Last week we were tasked with creating our own typeface. Preferably this would be not based on an existing one. So, due to this I am using an old bicycle chain. Pics to follow.

With my Photoshop self promotion task, I’ve wound up going for a sin city comic style piece. Pic to follow when compete.

Week off

Week off from campus.  So, on Monday night I traced (badly with some, better with others) my name as printed in old style, modern, script, block serif, sans-serif and decorative.  The block serif was easiest as it was mainly straight lines.  Doing this I got an appreciation of the subtle differences between old style and modern serif typefaces.  I’ll probably have to redo 4 of them as the corners are a tad on the bumpy side.  It’s all practice, I guess, though in the field I’d probably do this via computer.

On Tuesday night I accosted numerous magazines for advertisements set out in formal, informal, Gutenberg, white space, contrasting colours, movement (mainly arrows or implied arrows) and one set of campaign ads.  I’ll probably need to grab a trashy women’s mag for the motion (gaze) ads and a swag of themed ads.

Yay. Nearly sliced the top of one of my fingers off with the scalpel.  Man, I’m a danger with that thing!