Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic – Technical Guide 2020

Another 12 months, another post.  This time around it is the third year I’ve created the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic Technical Guide.  This year the time required was a little less which given some formatting changes and a deign change to look a little like the Herald Sun Tour guide (another NRS race so important from a branding stand point), so not bad.  Having designed or redesigned most of the artwork last year also cut down on the time needed this year.

Improvements on last years guide include:

  • more table consistency (the sprint and KOMs were left as is but could be improved upon)
  • text size consistency – previous years had small text for tables.  This time the only small text present is in the mocka.
  • standard notation used – better than the provided KM, KMS, 09:00am, 6.04.56 for times etc.

As for last year, Kanboard was used to allocate and track tasks.

Kanboard project management – hosted on my own server – no insecure cloud crap for me.

Throughout this project, I stayed in touch with the client via email and phone.

Again, the most time-consuming part was formatting the race mocka.  I’ve improved on the process so it is far quicker which is a nice gain.

Below you can see the non fancy table formatting that was seen in some locations in 2019. This time around, all table look like those in the second image.

Non convoy details “suggested” by me and then ratified by the client

2020 example showing table consistency addition.

This year a spreadsheet mocka was provided for the marshals along with a pdf of the guide for posting online and printing out.

The M2W20 Technical Guide

What to improve

Various iterations of the guide resulted in incorrectly linked documents. An Illustrator file was sourcing unrelated images rather that the ones it should have been and the mocka seemed to lose changes now and then (this was curious as I inserted the spreadsheet and linked to it so changes should have been automatic).  I think what happened here was a result of using the 2019 and 2020 brief directories and a few different InDesign files.  This meant I spent unbilled time fixing things.

So, next time, follow my own procedures and work out of the one directory using the files there.  This is a nice example of why not following procedures and winging it is not the best idea.  I should also introduce a procedure for proof reading using a comparison between previous and current documents before releasing them.  That will cut down on such errors.

Mememememe Memes

The font is imact.  These tend to be white with a black stroke and one or two font sizes.

I dabble now and then. Nothing’s taken off.

Twitter Banner Evolution

Social media is apparently a great way to network and display one’s skills.  I’ve never sourced work through it but I do like to play around with my various social media account banners from time to time so show my skills or align the imagery with current little projects I have running.

Here’s my historical twitter banners.


Garden Variety Predator

While checking out Twitter today, a local design studio posted a link to a series on pics using grainy black and white and a Batman figurine.  Here is the link.  I love the “Non stop ladies”, washing machine scene, “Kung Fu” and the truck ones especially and was inspired to do something similar with some figurines of mine and the backyard.

I give you the “Garden Variety Predator”.

Quick and nasty photomanip

Last weekend I attended a race where I had my coach take a photo of me from a low angle.  This gave me a photo that would be suitable for a “hero image”.

I cut myself and my bike out of the background with Photoshop’s pen tool, duplicated this layer several times, added a mask or two, changed some layers to black and white, changed the layer properties, levels and what not, whacked in a background image of some clouds, rendered some difference clouds for some quick and nasty lightning, adjusted the background colours to mirror those in my bike, blurred it a bit, flattened it then whacked it up here.

Cutting the background out took the longest.  I tend to make lots of little clicks, rather than using smooth curves when doing this, but I am tying to improve my workflow there to speed things up.

In other news, it’s crit season again so I am at races at times when I am not racing, but others are so I’m practicing my action photography.