During his formative years, Paul demonstrated a passion for art, often drawing dinosaurs, aliens, and plants using a unique blend of watercolors and pencils. Despite excelling in art classes and consistently earning A’s and B’s, much of his early work was lost after being displayed at school open days.

However, professionally, Paul pursued science with the ambition of making a positive impact on the world. In his free time, he continued to channel his creativity through graphic design, which he eventually pursued in 2010. He completed his graphic design diploma with an outstanding achievement award, also known as The Da Vinci Award, as he was recognized as a talented individual prior to commencing the course.

While still dreaming of creating gravity plating and warp drive, Paul also applies his expertise in laboratory roles and provides IT tech support. In his leisure time, he enjoys cycling, playing guitar and bass, and tinkering with computer code.


When producing paid work, my rate averages at around $55/hr.  That means a really simple logo  might cost $100.  A large brochure where all the artwork needs to be sourced and/or created by me and you provide the copy may cost over $1 000.  Last minute,  “I need this by tomorrow” requests score a bonus rush fee of 50%.

I’m not big enough to be registered for GST so you do not get charged this.

Good – Cheap – Fast: You can only pick 2!

  • Good & Cheap will not be Fast.
  • Fast & Good will not be Cheap.
  • Cheap & Fast will not be Good.