The Warragul Cycling Club is a not for profit community based cycling club. This site design, development and maintenance is performed for free with me providing the creative direction and site content updates.

In 2006, the existing webmaster for the Warragul Cycling Club resigned and I stepped up to redevelop the site as a self learning project..

The pre 2006 site is shown below. This site was recorded using MIcrosoft FrontPage and a manual RSS feed solution was used each time a race report was posted. In 2009, the site look was updated to reflect the colours in the club’s cycling kit.

In 2010 I relaunched the site as a WordPress site with the custom WordPress template coded in Adobe DreamWeaver and test hosted on an in-house server. This enabled automatic RSS feeds and reduced the amount time spent on site management each week.

In 2012, an animated banner was added to the site as there was not enough space to effectively advertise all of the club’s services. Most of the photos used for the animated banner were sourced from my own archives. The remaining photos came from club members.

In November of 2013, I updated the animated banner to us exclusively in-house photos and designed the banner to use a CSS3 slider.

At the 2016 AGM I indicated I was harpy to continue the site unless someone else wanted to take the reigns.  Someone did.  My archived WCC site is here.

The Baw Baw Classic Microsite

Started in 2000, the Warragul Cycling Club holds as their major event, an annual bike race from Warragul to the Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort. Prior to 2011, the site existed as a page or two on the club’s base URL. 2011 saw me develop a micro site in a sub directory of the club’s website. A denial of service attack in April 2012 on the hosting server saw the site moved to service provider offering more robust hosting. This allowed the 2013 site to be hosted on its own url.

The existing event logo was quite dated so in 2013, I designed and launched a new logo. This logo uses the swish element of the Warragul Cycling Club and turns it into mountain peaks.

Control of the Baw Baw Classic website returned to me after the 2017 AGM.

Other Projects

I have developed a new sub site logo and created flyers, corporate documents and a style guide for the Warragul Cycling Club.



Printed Materials

The banners were printed at Officeworks.  Flyers and posters may or my not be printed at a commercial printer.

Freestanding Warragul Cycling Club Advertising Banner
Hanging Warragul Cycling Club Advertising Banner