It has now been a week since I installed a Linux derivative on my server.  It has been a week of trying to get a DNS server running so I can have locally configured and accessable URLs.  So far the best I have got is the default server to show up. Still no idea how to get virtual hosts running.  this is despite following about 4 or 5 different tutes.  If I ever get it running I’ll whack up the settings that worked here so someone else does not have to spend over a week trying to get the damn thing running.

One would think installing Apache would be enough, but I have to stuff around with something called BIND as well and probably PHP.

Once this is all good, then I have to relocate my SQL datbase, as the default location is on the main HDD, which is puny. So far, relocating the db from the var/mysql dir has killed the sal server.  Go figure as I’d not have thought the server running was depeendant on the presence of databases!