Competition Followup Thoughts

Now that I’ve submitted my designs, it appears that the joke design is the favorite.

Lots of positive comments followed by, “can you try this”, or “can you try that”.  Most of the suggestions fail spectacularly. Changes to colours or addition of design elements results in the design become uncohesive, the jersey no longer meshing with the shorts, or the jersey looking too close to an existing club’s kit.

It makes things difficult when the brief is open ended.  That’s why I wrote my own so I had something to stick to. Without a brief, all these little suggestions move the design away from the best design and we wind up with a “designed by a committee” look.  Something bland and uninspired.

As usual, the fist design I produced (in collaboration with my gf), I think is the best one.  The look if the existing kit is more of less retained and the colour scheme is modified a tad.  It is neither slimming or fattening.

Some suggestions, like decreasing the amount of white on a  jersey produce  a fattening look.  Other suggestions to reduce the amount of black in my joke design make the jersey look too garish, or have glaringly out-of-place design elements.  I’m letting that design percolate so I think of a good solution to make it not look as oppressive, while matching the shorts which have a very simple palette.

Due to my many requests for “slight modifications”, I have said the design shop is now closed until the votes are in.  At that stage, if one of my entries wins, I’ll be happy to make one or two changes.  I’d be happy to wear my current designs and plug myself as the designer.  I’m not so sure that will be the case if I win and the design gets “undesigned”.

How all the competition entries compare to existing kits and each other

General Comment

  • -Thick black sides or black/dark elements at the base of the jersey fatten up the shape by either making it look like the wear has fast guts, or thick sides.
  • -Grey and thin sides slims the wearer.
  • -The blue/orange/cyan colour schemes retain a link to the current jersey, not changing the club’s brand beyond recognition.
  • -The overly white jersey has a clean look
  • -The overly black jerseys need work and one with post submission modifications looks too much like an existing club.

Though I am fond of the joke shorts, I think changes to the top will be turd polishing.

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