What’s Been Happening?

Well, the sketch a day thing has fallen by the wayside.  Instead, I’ve been following Illustrator and Photoshop tutes as well as trying my own thing.  This has lead to some good results as well as some disasters.  Besides that, I’ve been applying for the odd job (both microbiology and design – first to pick me up with most likely keep me for the next few years), and mixing up my cycling with cross, mtb, road and track.  I’ve also dabbled in photography for the last three weeks and made great strides in the action photography area.

I’ve been thinking of designing a Yeatman Design cycling kit, but was not quite happy with the logo I came up with during the middle of last year.  Thanks to some of my more recent experimentation, I’ve hit upon a design that could work.  Added to this is the word “graphic” so it’s it blindingly obvious that I am a graphic designer.

Below is the most recent piece I’ve come up with.  The company name perhaps does not stand out as well as it should, but the whole point of this work was to play around in photoshop and produce something warm with perhaps a hint of coffee infused goodness.

Blatant plug for my design buisness - Yeatman Graphic Design
Yeatman Design Advert