A while back I developed a website (one Friday night as I had nothing better to do) for the 2013 edition of the Gippsland 3 Day Tour.  The site went belly up after 2012 and I figures , “if ya want something done…”.

This morning I was greeted with an email from the person who developed the original 3 Day Tour website.  They were concerned that the current logo looked very similar to the original logo.   My logo was in a different text with different kerning but to a non desinger would look pretty much the same.  At any rate, “being a fellow cyclist”, they allowed me to use their original logo on the site provided I gave credit for it and updated the logo with theirs, wherever else my version had been used in place of theirs.

As a usable logo, the original is great for areas where an elongated logo can be used, such as banners.  For areas where a more compact logo works best, such as smart phone bookmark logos, favicons or profile pictures of Facebook and Twitter, the logo is not so great.  I am allowed to use the original logo design as provided in one of two colours, black or white, preferably white.  No style guide or exclusion zone details were provided, and I cannot modify the logo.

So, due to not having a compact form, everwhere but the dedicated 3 Day Tour website has been updated with my quick and nasty logo redesign.  Doing this was fairly easy thanks to my super dooper filing system and version control system (one of the advantages of having scientific compliance skills).