A logo is an image that the public will instantly associate with your business. A well designed logo retains its form when shrunk or enlarged and a reasonable facsimile can be drawn by anyone from memory. A logo may be used on the side of a truck, on a website, on promotional items, in advertising campaigns, on stationery and business cards and in many other ways.

Though a logo can be used as a standalone device (especially when you have an instantly recognisable iconic logo), they really shine when used as part of a branding package to ensure your corporate look is consistent and professional. I will design a logo and branding package for your business.

Logo Reproduction & Vector Images

If you had a logo developed years ago, you may not have the image in a modern format. You may even only have a photo or a scan of an old logo. I will take the old logo and reproduce it in modern vector program allowing you to use the logo in many modern applications.

If you want a raster image converted to a vector image, I can do that also.

For the 2013 Baw Baw Classic logo, the major sponsor provided their logo as a jpeg. I redrew the logo for incorporation into the base logo.