I saw an ad for a comp to design some surfboard art.

The winner is apparently the one with the most Facebook likes, so it’s probably more a marketing win not an actual chops win, but anyhow, I figured I’s have a bash. If I was one of the 5 finalists, it would be off to Sydney for the presentation. The winner gets their own board and $1500.

The comp closes Dec 22 so next week, rather than study (thanks to a break), will probably spend a bit of time on the deck.

I’m thinking of doing a classic strip around the board with a blue/cyan inward gradient and having skull and tentacles in an orange colour.

Click on image for larger version and slide show.

Idea 1 Idea 2 Working on board design 1 Working on board design 2 Working on board design 3 Proposed for sumbmission