At my cycling club’s last meeting, the committee voted to update our cycling kit. Apparently the blue was an issue (last 3 variants spanning 15 years have been blue – why it is only an issue now is curious, go figure). A competition was decided upon.

I was expecting 3 weeks to dabble with an entry. As it turned out, a Facebook post announced a “design a new club kit” competition last Fri, with entries closing this Fri. Not long!

After some colour explorations, working up an idea from my gf, and then one from our race reporter, I got stuck into my own. I created a male and female colour scheme. This was like being back at school – 2am bedtimes after late nights Tues and Wed. My designs are now resting before I reexamine them late Thurs or Friday.

Being adept at Illustrator and naming and arranging layers into groups has made this task much easier.

Using what I learnt in my course, I whipped up a pitch. This was not required, but I figured it was good practice.

View the pitch. Forgive the crappy capitalization on one of the pages.

Just the designs, just the designs.