As part of the Australian Queen’s Birthday weekend, many cycling clubs hold 3 day tours over the long weekend.  In my region, to detail the race, each year a word document is distributed to the entrants.  In 2011, I’d just completed an Indesign subject as part of my diploma so decided to have a go at producing a more exciting booklet.  The logo is adapted from the event’s website (2010-2011).  The plan was to continue this over a few years and alter each year’s main colour.

Initial Ideas

Give each year a coloured theme.  Include maps and altitude traces of each stage and include altitude.  Add a race plan/ race review section.  Move the ITT start list from the rear of the program to the pages dealing with it.

Original 2011 Program Guide.

Final Materials

2012 3 Day Tour Program

2012 3 Day Tour – Final Standings

2012 3 Day Tour – ITT Results

2011 3 Day Tour Program