Dabbling in Photography

While looking through my camera kit bag this morning I came across some “macro” lenses that I bought a couple of years ago and forgot about.  I’d not even tested them out.  What they are are four different lenses that screw onto the end of the main lens body. Nothing more then magnifying lenses.  They do not working combination, only one at a time and provide magnifications of x1, x2, x4 and x10.  Examples of the quality (or not) are shown below.  The x10 lens has a really small depth of field.  It shows some promise so I’ll venture into the back yard for some cacti and plant shots later today.

I have a Canon EOS 300D at present – quite crusty, it has a 4 picture buffer on repeat shot and a 6mp sensor.  Fully customisable settings which is good.