Vectorize This!

To start of, tonight we had to whip up some color wheels in illustrator using the pathfinder feature and some use of the swatches.  Following that, the fun stuff began.  We have three weeks to produce an A3 sized vector image of a head of whoever we choose as long as they are human.  I was headed down the narcissist route, but then wound up drawing vectorising the hot chick from Starship Troopers.  You all know the one.  Dina Meyer. After doing the hack job below, I am thinking of ditching her and doing a gothic female bust.  Not much in the way of royalty free piccies on the net, so looks like I’m going to have to cut out a pic of my gf and do her.  Having to print the work out A3 size is a nice excuse to go and purchase a Canon Pixma Pro 9500 printer.

On the off chance any goth women read this and have a piccy they would not mind me using as a reference for something similar to that seen above, say howdy.

Toolbars and control boxes

Tonight the diploma was a ‘get to know’ illustrator lesson.  We were handed manuals and let loose on illustrator in a very basic but time consuming click here, do this, move this, show this, hide that, change workspace, zoom here, custom view that.

More of it to come next week.  I am thinking of dragging my laptop along as I’m running CS5 and the school had CS4.

Took the motorcycle in tonight so parking was a breeze.