Late late night

Looks like the slow computer was due to extended disc access time. So it is easier to work with shared files (laptop and desktop) I normally access them via a networked drives. Same mapped drive letter, local computer files only, synced after moving machine. The network is running like crap at present – I think the router is about to expire. That is probably why It took 3 hours to do a 15 minute job.

Perhaps I should move it off my computer’s subby.

Went to Officeworks at around 23:30 to print my A2 works. Picking them up after work tonight.

My Terminator figurine arrived last night. Haha. About 2 days too late.

I was up until 3 :30hrs resurrecting my site. It got hacked. Looks like a hacker in a box wrote over the index file. Curious that my CSS and header files wound up being old versions. Prefixing the WordPress fb tables with wp_ certainly makes it easy to fuck with people’s shit.

Work Space Set Up & Just What Is In An Art Kit?

Art Kit – What was in it.

As well as the pics a few posts ago of the art kit contents, here is an actual list of what is in the art kit.  I tend to use HB pencils a lot, so things will be interesting with the supply of a bunch of 2B and 4B pencils.  I think the portfolio supplied with the kit is a tad large – huge compared to A3 and that’s the largest paper size I have. Continue reading