Late late night

Looks like the slow computer was due to extended disc access time. So it is easier to work with shared files (laptop and desktop) I normally access them via a networked drives. Same mapped drive letter, local computer files only, synced after moving machine. The network is running like crap at present – I think the router is about to expire. That is probably why It took 3 hours to do a 15 minute job.

Perhaps I should move it off my computer’s subby.

Went to Officeworks at around 23:30 to print my A2 works. Picking them up after work tonight.

My Terminator figurine arrived last night. Haha. About 2 days too late.

I was up until 3 :30hrs resurrecting my site. It got hacked. Looks like a hacker in a box wrote over the index file. Curious that my CSS and header files wound up being old versions. Prefixing the WordPress fb tables with wp_ certainly makes it easy to fuck with people’s shit.

Another subject is completed

Last night I submitted my “Finished Art Advanced” work.  This made for a short night as I’d closed the book on this work the previous night at 21:30 hours after a last minute “oh crap!”.

I thought I’s check the brief to make sure I’d done everything then found out I needed to provide my thumbnails and a ratoonale. Once that was done, I burnt the files to a CD, made a USB stick copy and relaxed.

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One would think being single equals more time to post!

Ok, I’ve been on the market for about a month and seem to be busy (not that I am doing anything besides catching up on recorded TV and surfing the net). I’ve not even got back into WOW.

Anyhow, my brochure redesign goes ok. I have bought some double sided A3 glossy paper and will soon get a eleongated adjustable stapler so I can centre staple my booklet. My logo design has gotten as far as as mood board and lots of sketches but nothing solis for the orbital tether cargo launch company.

In good news, I got my typography course work back today.  I have regained my regular status by getting everything marked as excellent. Yar hoo.

I’m Slip Slip Slipping

Got back my “colour” module work today.  Rather than the excellent marks I got last time, I could only mange a very good this time around.  Probably maintly due to the rush job to finish on the submission night.  (Not doing that again, most of my typography work is alreay mounted and ready for submission.

Anyhow, as promised ages ago, here’s remaining colour module submission pics.
See the pics…