Presentation night

Got back my InDesign brochure. Passed but could have done better. The pics used were a tad dull, which I knew.

Presented my logo design and corporate package for Anderson Orbital, an tethered cargo transport company. It was well received. Pages from my presentation showing the brief and final designs to follow shortly.

Next week is course free.

One would think being single equals more time to post!

Ok, I’ve been on the market for about a month and seem to be busy (not that I am doing anything besides catching up on recorded TV and surfing the net). I’ve not even got back into WOW.

Anyhow, my brochure redesign goes ok. I have bought some double sided A3 glossy paper and will soon get a eleongated adjustable stapler so I can centre staple my booklet. My logo design has gotten as far as as mood board and lots of sketches but nothing solis for the orbital tether cargo launch company.

In good news, I got my typography course work back today.  I have regained my regular status by getting everything marked as excellent. Yar hoo.

I’m Slip Slip Slipping

Got back my “colour” module work today.  Rather than the excellent marks I got last time, I could only mange a very good this time around.  Probably maintly due to the rush job to finish on the submission night.  (Not doing that again, most of my typography work is alreay mounted and ready for submission.

Anyhow, as promised ages ago, here’s remaining colour module submission pics.
See the pics…

Off to a flying start

Last night I received my first submission back. The grading is either incompetent or competent. I am competent. Along with the official grading, a slip accompanied the folio indicating how good each work is on a scale from poor to excellent. All of my work was excellent (though I consider some slapdash).

Not sure how I’ll go with the colour module which is due in the new year. Gonna be a busy first week of holidays to complete that.

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