Washing with Inks and Marking Time

Tonight (well on Tuesday) I was introduced to line and wash and the use of markers for drawing.

First off markers:

I’d taken some photos of my rubber lizard on the weekend to assist me in drawing it.  With photos, the lighting remains the same no matter how I twist and turn it.  The actual object still came in handy for finer details not picked up by my low quality print out.

For much of my drawing tonight, I would be using the photos.

The technique I used for the first drawing (the head and neck, from the side) was to usee the N2 Copic marker (an uber expensive texta) to draw the outline and details, then after adding detail and shading with the darker colours, I filled it in and continued detailing with progressively using darker and darker markers (N4, 6, 8 and 10).


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