Running Out of Time and ARGH!

While saving my second last assignment, I wound out with an out of memory error.  Now when I try to open the file, I get a “file not readable error”.  Given it is 01:00hrs and my work is due in 2 days, I’m not too happy.  Especially if I cannot resurrect the file and I have to start again from scratch.

One that was partially irritating was starting the packaging subject with one lecturer and ending with another. Three weeks into it, the first lecturer liked where I was going with my box (a sort of egg carton 6 pack ice cream container.  I roll up last week and we have a different teacher and this one cans my design – I  have to start from scratch.  Fark!  Not that it would have been a problem if my damn file would open!

Phew, after closing some programs, disaster averted!

Book covers

I seem to have spent more time procrastinating than doing. My original plan was to create a dust cover for Anno Dracula but putting an old scalpel on the cover. I changed my mind when I came across a similar design during my research.

My second idea was to have Charles Beauregard and Geneviève on the front cover. I ditched that for the male only, modified into a vampire. This is a subdued drawing that at present is s bit muddy. I want to sharpen it up and need to do that tonight so I can visit the printers.

There is a second task required if me: an internal black and white book illustration. This one I am trying to recreate a scene from the book where the Ripper scrawls a message on a brick wall. I’ve done the drawing, but the text needs to look brighter and I’d like. To reverse vignette this, though my attempts at that have been so far disastrous. At this rate, I’ll be ditching my photoshopped version and whipping something up in a sketch pad tonight before scanning it in. At least I can print they off on my home printer.
The cover extends wider than A3, so that’s a pain.

2nd Last Semester Over

Last Thursday was submission night for Illustrate For Design (Colour).  Thanks to getting my phone line installed on this day, I’d taken annual leave.  This worked out well as I still had about six hours of study to do until I’d got the work into a state fit to submit.

If I thought I’d economised on my brake caliper subject, I went even furthur with this subject.  The images for the food labels were meant to be about as big as an A4 page, so I skimpped on the detail knowing at print size, they’d be far smaller.  I also did a pretty rough job on the images as I figured that would result in the “organic” feeling the products were suppsoed to be conveying.

The animal toys would up pretty stylised and crappy.  Not too sure if they are suitable for as commercial illustration, though their purpose was to convery ideas to financial backers, not to win any accolaides.

As well as submitting work, I found out we now have three weeks off.  Once we start back, it is the final run up until October and I’m a fully qualified graphic designer following that.  Ooo ahhhhh.

Portfolio wise, nothing from the last few subjects has been worthy, so perhaps I should apply myself more.

Finally, he said

Ok. I have not managed to get BIND9 working on my server as yet, but I have this site up and running and it is publicly visible if you know the correct IP address.

So, this post is just for testing purposes.  The next thing I’ll need to do is upload it to my aliensniche site and get the mySQL db up there too, then all will be well with this website!

What’s the haps in class?

The work we thought we had another two weeks to do in class has been bumped for some new topic (eh? WTF is my course provider doing?). This means I need to finish the shiny thing, the house perspective and the inforgraphic (temp pics to come on my WIP entry) in my own time.  Argh to more expected late nights.