Illustration for Design (Black & White) comes to a close

As promised, here are the final four pieces for my current drawing subject.

I would have thought that things would get busier in our “second year”, but besides the deciding what to draw stage which took ages, the actual physical drawing stage took about 3.5-4 hours for the lady and her dog and the cartoon renders took about 60-90 mins each.  This is for a subject where we are supposed to do 6 hours a week and it’s been going for about 5.  Either that means I am good at what I do or the work is supposed to be far far better than that which I have produced. Option A I hope!

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Slight change of direction

Originally for my mascot, I was going to draw a beatnik aardvark, mainly because I thought I’s have no way of anthropomorphizing one.  I’ve ditched the James Deanish rabbit for a beatnik and called him Victor, for want of a better name.

The four renderings are supposed to be in black and white with greys to indicate shading.  Looking at cartoons, many do not bother with shading and instead go for solid colours.  The “directing” rabbit is semi volume rendered, though I may redo him as plain.  The remaining 3 character designs, “eating, shopping and welcoming” I’ve all scanned as line art in case I want to reprint and recolour if the initial colour schemes go awry.

Once this is done, I still need to come up with an A4 landscape of a pet owner n 1950’s period costume with a pet, then render it in black ink. I’ve got about 2.5 weeks to do this so may be locking myself in at nights and on weekends if I keep procrastinating, especially given the illustrator gradient mesh work is due at about the same time!


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