A Warm Night In Class

Thanks to our classroom turning us all into popsicles due to an overactive unconfigurable airconditioning system, class was held on some “park benches” within the facility.  This made things cosy as I did not have to out on any pants until around 20:30hrs.  This semester I’ve ridden all by one night, and that one was when we had an InDeisgn user group presenation at another venue.

So, to photoshop.  I did a test print of my brakes and it turns out they are too small.  A good thing the base colours have been vectored using the pen tool.  Resising the imge make the edges a bit pixelly.  That will be fixed quite easily.

Illustrator kept crashing on startup.  I think it did not like some other software (photoshop!) running on my system.  Pressing <cntl> <alt> and <shift> eventually got things working again.

Check out the WIP for images of where I am up to.  Two weeks to go.  That went fast for this subject!

Mid Term Break & Back Into The Swing of Things

Our last Thursday night class did not go ahead as we had finished everything and submitted our work the week before.  Another competant grade for me.

This meant we had two weeks off and last week I was forced to have off thanks to a durable migraine (curse those things).

During my break I worked on a retro cycling poster for a local competition that is being run as part of the World Cycling Track Championships (image at the end of this post). I was about 90% happy with my effort, but compared to the entries that have made it onto the host’s website, my work looks woeful.  I entered this competetition as I am a pretty passionate cyclist and figured if I could not come up with a half decent entry, there would not be much hope for me as a graphic designer.  Hmm, stick to science?

This term we have a new lecturer and it appears we are working on the same subject both nights – produce an architectual drawing in ink and wash, produce and black and white technical (cut away?) drawing and use the airbrush tool in photoshop to render something shiny, like a car or a piece of bike porn.

Chasing Rainbows