First off I needed to install some CS106B C++ libraries and Visual Studio 2005.   Google directed me to Microsoft Virtual Studio 2005 Team Suite Service Pack 1.  That needed the base model VS2005 installed.  More Google searches lead me to an ISO I could download.  A quick install of ISO opener, some extracting and in the end…no dice.

I then searched for CS106B compiler and found that in the modern world, the course is using something called QT-Creator.  That seemed to be needing a purchase.  Given I’ve coded C++ using nano on my Ubuntu server, I was thinking that is what I’d be doing for the course (or using Notepad++ on windows and then compiling on my server).  I’d be happy with that.  Some website clicking showed there was an open source build of QT Creator.  The latest CS106B webpage also confirmed this.

With Qt-Creator, there was no need for Visual Studio.  At this time, work sent me to Kuala Lumpur for a month and my personal laptop was not powerful enough to run vm’s.  I therefore installed Qt-Creator outside of a vm so I could practice some coding.

While in KL, I picked up C++ All-in-one for Dummies. It makes extensive use of the IDE called Code::Blocks and also says Eclipse can be used to develop C++ programs.  Well, I’m learning lots of fun new things!

20170810 – I spent about an hour trying to get QT-Creator to run on a new machine.  In the end it was my anti-virus that was blocking the operation of the compiler.  Grrr.

Progamming Abstractions in C++ Course Reader.