So. I entered into this with enthusiasm on 27/03/2017.  Three days later I’m dejected.

The first instructions were to install a composite compiler/debugger called Eclipse.

When I did, using the instructions here: the java window was blank. An Internet search indicated that the solution was to add “private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L” before the start  of the run code.  That did not work.  I tried running Eclipse from both the program files and program files x86 dirs.  Same  results.

I then used the files in the “provided course materials” – jre-6u2-windows-i586-p and  stanford_eclipse32_windows (3.2).   That would get the little karel Java applet to load, however pressing run did nothing.  Not even with the correct (as far as I can tell) run code.  With deliberate errors, the debugger says nothing.  I’m sorta stumped at present.

  • Should I continue trying to get this to work?
  • Would being unable to get a simple compiler to work be a failure in a computer science course?
  • Should I do one of the non Stanford intro courses?

Right, the last thing I tried was installing onto a clean Windows 7 VM and after making sure Windows was fully patched, things worked.  The main machine I use refuses to run the program so I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling everything again on it.  For the meantime, I’ll be using the VM.

I got everything up and running the way I want as of 02/04/2017 and two days later, Assignment 1 is completed and I’m feeling happier about the whole thing.  I’m on my way,

3 Months down the track…

I’ve finished this module. My coding’s nicely formatted, logical, commented and compartmentalized and I don’t feel like a nuffy.

What I developed is below.  To run the programs, make sure you have java on your computer.